PREMIUM QUALITY - Specially formulated with no xylene or i n k pack, these metallic markers provide good coverage.Our metallic pens are non-toxic, odorless, acid-free, and environmentally friendly.The water-based ink is chemically stable and resistant to fading.Our ink lends itself to a smooth application that dries quickly.

Instructions for use: shake the barrel with the tip up each time before use.The ink comes out after 3 times continuously pressing the tip on the paper.Please recap immediately after use to avoid volatilization.Suggest to write on paper with 2.82 oz / m² above, otherwise a slight bump will occur.The ink is suitable for use on light colored cardboard papers.

GREAT FOR ALL HAN D LETTERS - Features a chisel tip that helps you achieve smooth, graceful strokes.Available in 8 subtle colors that will enhance your design and allow you to express your creativity.

It can be used to write a gift card, draw a picture, design a poster, and do other crafts.

Great Gift Choice - For kids or adults who like various festivals, greeting cards, birthday craft projects, and other craft projects with the paint markers.The vivid color and special nib of the pen makes it not annoying or mess to clean, it is the best choice for your gift


These are not ordinary gel pens!

It has 8 colors, which brings extra fun and fun to your coloring experience!

It is made with non-toxic fluorescent ink and is suitable for most paper types; including light and dark paper, matte or glossy finishes, photography and most coated papers!No need to worry about skipping, blurring or fading!

It can be used to write gift cards, paint, design posters and make other handicrafts.

Instructions for use:

1. Shake the top of the bucket before each use

2. The ink will come out after 3 consecutive pressing on the paper

3. Do not press the pen tip excessively during use.

4. Please call back immediately after use to avoid volatilization

5. The ink is suitable for light-colored cardboard paper.


It is recommended to write on 80gsm paper, otherwise a slight impact will occur

Package Included:

8*contour pen

Oznake: list in prenosnik, supersquiggles oris marker nastavite, kokuyo, čarobna peresa, čarobno flomaster, obris marker, prenosnik srebrna, ink invisible pen, bleščice marker, pero uv.

Primerna napišite darilno kartico, risanje slike, oblikovanje plakata
Poreklo CN(Izvora)
Funkcija Non-Toxic, brez vonja, Acid-free, in okolju prijazno
Ime Obris pero

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